Hello, my name is Ivo, I am a freelance photographer.

I am a coffee lover so coffee is a common thread in my work.  

Photography started as a hobby: wedding photographer, portrait photographer, street photographer, event photographer... They all apply to my person as a photographer. Depicting people in random situations in a spontaneous and casual way. But also capturing street scenes in a fascinating way on sensitive film are the reasons to pick up my camera and go out!

After a while it soon became apparent that my love for model photography was already clearly present and I started working with it more and more professionally.

Then I also discovered Fine Art Photography. Once again I fell in love with this way of photography.

It is about the total atmosphere and experience of the photo, the pure beauty, character of a woman and her environment.

With this style I want to show women that they all have the beauty, sexiness and class to look great. In this way I hope to be able to give women a huge confidence boost. When I have achieved that with my photos, then my work is really successful!

I hope to see you soon during a shoot so that I can take not just a beautiful picture of you, but a memory of an unforgettable adventure.

See you soon?