Congratulations on your wedding plans. 

 If you're looking for a wedding photographer to capture your most beautiful day, you've come to the right place. 

 A wedding requires a lot of preparation, and the photographer can almost cross you off your to-do list. After all, the photos of your special day are almost the only tangible memories that remain.

I'll make sure your day is captured forever. 

 I am therefore invisible, while I can still see all the details that you might miss due to the busyness of the day. 

 I ensure an unforgettable and wonderful memory for you and your loved ones!

Tango is a joy in life where two people gliding across the floor can find each other while losing themselves in the crowd. For those who want to keep the best moments alive, I play a role.... What is more perfect than "a beautiful photo" to relive the moment forever?

Meeting the dancers, laughing with them, witnessing their joy, allows me to share the experience in a very personal way. Sometimes, I dance a bit too. For more than five years at Tango Festivals, Marathons, Encuentros and Milongas all over Europe, I have been photographing tangueras and tangueros, preserving the magical moments of You and sharing them.

Through a creative use of lighting and my understanding of the dance, I am able to capture the beautiful moments that epitomize the Tango Embrace. Each finished black and white photo is individually and meticulously processed.